Culinary diaries, interviews, photos, and storytelling by writer and photographer, Angela Prosper.

Culinary diaries, interviews, photos, and storytelling by writer and photographer, Angela Prosper.

My name is Angela

I cringe at the idea of people eating food just to sustain life when there is so much pleasure in the process of making food too. Good food! Food that tastes as good as it looks food. It is amazing to think so many of us can’t even cook one meal, something so basic to our daily needs. But I’m hoping to change that.

By day, I’m a designer, writer, and photographer but by night I’m a cocktail creator and culinary geek. I have worked in the food industry for many of my working years. From dishwasher to head bartender, server, line cook and bar manager. I served healthy snacks to celebrities in the movie industry and flipped burgers in a tiny and sweltering 4 seater dive. I have learned all the right and wrong ways to make a good cup of coffee and how to mix drinks by a New Jersey crooner with 70’s flare. I’m not picky. I love a greasy spoon joint just as much as a posh 5-star restaurant.

This right here is a good space for me to keep track of my culinary adventures. Whether I’m growing fresh produce in my kitchen garden, mixing up cocktails for my two feature recipe columns in Sip Magazine or Cidercraft Magazine, or traveling to amazing cities eating up every inch of what makes them great, I want this space to remind me of these moments and potentially help others see the traditions and riffs that make food a universal language across many cultures.

My Work

Most of the work you will see here will be around food, beverage and garden adventures as well as travel and meeting the people who make these worlds great.

I am also a web and graphic designer but want to keep this world completely about culinary endeavors. A diary of my food and beverage shenanigans, off the cuff recipes, the important people I get to interview and the photography I combine with these stories.

I also need to make a living (so I can support this foodie world I live in) and I do that with my small design agency, Rainy Day Prosper where I offer website design, photography, and graphic design services for small businesses in the Pacific Northwest. If you want to know more about how I make a living, or by chance need these services too, head over to my design site.

Off the Cuff

When you work with what you have, you can come up with some amazing things. I love to mix food traditions to make something completely new. Most of the time, I am riffing off of pantry staples and reimagining leftovers. Off the Cuff is a place to share these recipes in the moment, but it is also where I share what I am learning about my own Puerto Rican heritage, my garden hacks and failures, cocktail creations, travel experiences and interviews, and famous recipes reimagined for our tiny kitchen in Seattle, Washington. There will be lots of photos too for those who like foodporn. You know who you are.

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Once the project is completed, I plan on offering limited edition prints for purchase via my photography website.

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